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Karicare Vitadol C 10ml

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Karicare Vitadol C 10ml

Karicare Vitadol C is formulated for infants and children to provide a reliable source of vitamins A, C, and D.
Karicare Vitadol C helps to provide additional supplementation during times when dietary intake may be low such as with fussy eaters or during times of illness.

Active Ingredients

  • Each daily dose of 10 drops (350mg) contains:
  • Vitamin A - 666.67 mcg
  • Vitamin C - 33.33mg
  • Vitamin D - 11.67 mcg
Also contains: orange essence, saccharin and sodium benzoate.


Children & infants from 6 months - 12 Years: 10 drops (350mg) daily in milk, water or food.


  • Store below 25 degrees C.
  • Once opened store bottle in the refrigerator.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Use within 2 months of opening.
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