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Passport Photos / ID Photos Takapuna - nStar Pharmacy
✚ Digital Photos for Online Application
✚ ID / Passport Photos for international passports and VISAs
Ear Piercing - nStar Pharmacy
Mess-free ear piercing service
Morning-After Pill | Emergency Contraception - nStar Pharmacy
Better take within 72 hours (3 days)
Vaccination - nStar Pharmacy
✚ Flu Vaccine
Diagnostic & Health Checks - nStar Pharmacy
✚ Anticoagulation Service (if you are on Warfarin)
✚ Blood Glucose Testing
✚ Blood Pressure Testing (BP)
✚ Zinc Testing
Weight Management - nStar Pharmacy
Gym can do the hard part.
Pharmacy can do the difficult part.
You have to do all the rest.
Medicine Management - nStar Pharmacy
✚ Compliance Packing
✚ Medicine Management
✚ Script Reminder Service
Sildenafil Dispensing - nStar Pharmacy
Yes, This is exactly what you think it is!
SuperGold Discount - nStar Pharmacy
10% Discount to SuperGold Card Holders